Discipline Specific Coaching

The club provides opportunities for young riders to experience a range of cycling disciplines. Coaching sessions are aligned to cycling seasons, providing relevant skills and techniques coaching for the relevant disciplines.

Spring and early summer coaching concentrates on road coaching, followed by mountain bike coaching in the summer and cyclocross coaching in the autumn. 

Track coaching is held at the National Cycling Centre in Manchester at intervals throughout the year. And sometimes our riders even get to meet their heroes!

The club will hire facilities on occasion to facilitate the delivery of discipline-specific coaching, including purpose-built cycling circuits, velodromes and other facilities.

The club has a level 2 Track coaches and a Road and Time Trial coach to facilitate these coaching sessions.

Through membership of the club and British Cycling members are also able to access British Cycling coaching clusters in track and mountain biking, as well as accessing Club Clusters of Training (CCTs) and Regional Schools of Racing (RSRs).