Join NCC Juniors

Annual membership to the North Cheshire Clarion Juniors (Ages 6 to 18) costs just £12.00 which includes annual membership to National Clarion Cycling Club. 

Additionally each coaching session will cost £2 as a member, where as it is £4 as a non-member.

By joining us you’ll be able to:

  • Ride with other local kids and learn about cycling
  • Ride and race in our club kit 
  • Participate in Club Competitions, including National Clarion events
  • Get discounted membership of British Cycling
  • 10% discount from – KIDS RACING – children’s cycling clothes, kids trisuits, cycle shoes, triathlon wetsuits, Cyclocross & Winter clothing

For more benefits of joining North Cheshire Clarion please refer to the Main Club Pages.

Membership is now online: