The club has a strong, and growing, representation at youth race events, with particularly strong participation in circuit and cyclocross racing, but with growing representation in mountain bike and track racing.

The club aims to encourage and support continued growth in competitive participation, in all disciplines.

Club members take part in, and the club hosts, Go-Ride racing events. 

Go-Ride Racing is British Cycling’s exciting entry-level competition programme, which offers local competition for novice cyclists under the age of 16, helping young people to make a gradual transition into competitive cycling. A range of prizes is awarded to all participants, including certificates, medals, wristbands and trophies.

The club hosts a round in the North West Cyclocross Association (NWCCA) league calendar. In 2015 the club also hosted the children’s races at the North of England Cyclocross Championships at Heaton Park, Manchester.

Club riders participate in a range of local race leagues including the Manchester Track League, mid-week circuit leagues in Tameside and Litherland, and Midweek Mountain Bike Madness. Our riders also participate in regional and national track, circuit, cyclocross and mountain bike races. Lots of fun is had by all at the race events.

The club hosts race-specific coaching sessions in advance of, and throughout, the circuit racing season, hiring purpose-built closed cycling circuits, and provides support, advice and guidance on race participation.