Road Cycling

The heart of any cycling club is the regular club ride. At North Cheshire Clarion we
organise a range of rides for our members and prospective members.

The entry point for any rider who wants to join us is our series of Saturday
Introduction (Intro) rides which take place on a four weekly rota throughout the
year. These are designed to allow riders who are new to the club or thinking of
joining to get to know how we ride and learn how to ride safely in a group before
progressing to our longer, member only, Club runs.

As long as you are confident that you can ride at an average speed of 15mph
(faster on the flat and slower on hills) and ride a road bike (most of us use drop
bars but straights are fine. We do not allow tri-bars) you are welcome to join us.
We split into small groups each with an experienced club member.

The rides start at 24 miles / 39 km with 381ft / 146m total ascent none-stop and
progress to week 4 which is 38 miles / 55 km, 596ft / 181 m total ascent with a
cafe stop half way.

Please contact us beforehand by emailing so
we can make sure other riders will be out and we know that you are coming. We
do expect guests to decide whether to become members or not after a couple of
We strongly recommend that all riders wear a bike helmet on our rides and
mudguards are appreciated when the weather is wet during the winter months.
For members we run a range of Club rides on both Saturdays and Sundays. Rides
set out going North from Winwick or South from Stretton and are all listed on our
member’s only forum where you can see all the details sign up for the ride.