National Clarion Autumn Meet 2016 Ironbridge

The recent National Clarion Autumn Meet 2016 was held for the second year running in Coalport, a small village in the stunning Shropshire countryside near iconic Ironbridge.

North Cheshire Clarion was once again the most prolific club in attendance, with 26 members attending in total, half of whom were members of our junior Go-Ride club. Our members met up to socialise and ride with members of Clarion sections from all over the country, including hosts Ironbridge, Bury, Saddleworth, Tuxford and London.

On Saturday meet attendees rode out on hilly 55 or 36 mile rides. We were particularly proud of our young riders whose accomplished riding was commented on by many. Particular kudos to our two 8 year old girls Lottie and Lizzy who rode the 36 mile ride.

Sunday morning saw many of our riders competing in a local cycling club’s hill climb completion. There were some hilarious pained faces on what was a hard climb to race, averaging 9.1%. We were ultra proud again of our 4 junior club riders who competed.