It’s time for Cyclocross!!!

The local North West League has started.

NCC has a great representation at the CX races, from the youngest juniors, juniors, seniors, vets and super vets, male and female.

The league is very accessible, any bike will do (but make sure you have some mud clearance and knobbly tyres – it is riding off road in blighty, so plenty of mud). With relatively small laps and high participation numbers you needn’t worry about position, it’s all good friendly muddy fun.

The short races of 40mins to 1hour mean you can go all out and get a good amount of exercise in a short amount of time. So its good for off season training; increasing speed, intensity work out and takes less time out of your day (unless you have a junior racing or sticking around to cheer others on). It also focuses those off road skills such as balance and cornering. All of which can benefit your preferred cycling discipline come Spring.

The more we get at races the better, so don’t be afraid to give racing a go! The only challenge being to have a good go and enjoy it.

Some detail here:

It would be ace to see some new faces.

Ask any questions

Cross is here!