NCC Leisure Rides (go ride)

Amazing turn for our 6th Leisure Ride on 20th October, with 24 riders in total. This allowed us to ride as 3 groups of 8. 13 North Cheshire Clarion club members united with 11 British Cycling “go ride” members to ensure a safe and enjoyable social group ride out to Crawford to a great cafe for a well deserved cake and drink (other options were available!).

Our leisure rides have been running monthly since April 2019. NCC have teamed up with British Cycling ‘go rides’ and offered rides at a leisurely pace of around 13mph open to all ages from accompanied juniors upwards. They have proved particularly popular with women riders who are looking for a step up from Breeze Rides, but are not quite confident to try our “Intro” rides of between 24 and 40 miles at 15-16mph (for stronger riders wanting to try out our club).  Our leisure rides are similar to the more challenging ‘ride social’ on the British Cycling website.  The leisure rides have attracted interest from men and women Cyclists, and we have seen a good mix of riders and new faces.  Our aim is to attract more women to our amazing club but not make them ‘women only’ rides as we want the rides to be all inclusive. We  trialed the leisure rides this year from April to October 2019 and they have been very successful. There clearly is a demand for  “leisurely” pace rides. NCC will continue to offer the leisure rides in Spring next year.